Into the woods 

Swoon'd, sedentary and still Ardently I remain'd for a while Inept to pull sight off Under a verdure-cloak'd roof Fie! My hackney'd study Where ennoble wits disembody Yield'd what a Delphic world said To regard only the Zion overhead Warbling breath of oaks rustling slow Evanesces hills of ache and woe Unclogg'd, hither a plethoric [...]

An undefined nature’s portrait…

I remain dumbstruck, At the mesmerizing sight... When crisp sunburnt leaves of the golden apple orchard, Join the frisky wind for a twirling ride... No words can define, This exquisite transition awaiting under the October sun... When Autumn is neither a demise nor a debut, But the immortal charm of ever-juvenile souls... ~f. h.