The wall flower

Arrayed themselves in sheer spice these Blossoms of her paradise greeted her charm that remains no more driven by hurricanes There with a vessel of colours entreated the anodyne flowers spattered to her heart's content that dissolved all crafty torment required neither precision nor any easing fusion her bosom then unhands balking thus divulges any … Continue reading The wall flower


After I had reached the core, found it was so hard to breath I cannot keep on remembering how there I entered Suddenly the fear endured throughout the past became little tranquil Surmounted there in the heart wobegone started to feel a cold wave that enclosed  anamnesis collapsing in to a direful hollow  where a … Continue reading Frost

Glow worm

Whether or not your quest availing  Here the wonted light, pursues some honour unveiling Although every scourge, ne'er pulled an outcome That whatsoever thing repines, any chase blasphemous  Inspite so much spasm harder within phantasy anachronous  T'was a descant of glow that revives any numb   After all infamy, I reckon you allure Through a … Continue reading Glow worm