As the jocund seconds flow through a sunken brine to an air rotten dark, amort and long-forgotten and I yearn to be tainted beneath mellow blue till none could catch a sound anymore till none could seek to heed the score.   I must soon leave this  baneful grave haunted by a more enduring sillage [...]

Shades of the Cimmerian 

Out of all the things she's lost she lose the control of the night the most. She was rid of her sight that catches all the obsidian imaginations that refuse to have mercy on her ebony eyes. The shades as ravens sneak up on her from the places she's never been. They lied, they concealed, [...]

The castaway being

​The miserable life of an outcast, left to fend for himself by its own creator, as depicted in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus. Irresponsible choice, the creator enclasped whence denied the creature he begot, owing to its hideous demeanor, thus swayed its habits and beliefs eke its choices and actions, all in unison [...]

The dandelion spirits 

Such spirits aren't indited by bare flesh but brought into being by dint of reveries just watch how languid they embesh hence allow goodly-nature's trajectories Their lam isn't requiem chanted hearken! but an accolade just begun away from any static sojourn planted to seek intrepid souls being done At times, hie and embrace clouds above [...]

Into the woods 

Swoon'd, sedentary and still Ardently I remain'd for a while Inept to pull sight off Under a verdure-cloak'd roof Fie! My hackney'd study Where ennoble wits disembody Yield'd what a Delphic world said To regard only the Zion overhead Warbling breath of oaks rustling slow Evanesces hills of ache and woe Unclogg'd, hither a plethoric [...]