The wall flower

Arrayed themselves in sheer spice
these Blossoms of her paradise
greeted her charm that remains
no more driven by hurricanes

There with a vessel of colours
entreated the anodyne flowers
spattered to her heart’s content
that dissolved all crafty torment

required neither precision
nor any easing fusion
her bosom then unhands balking
thus divulges any crackling

she twirled and twirled around
overwhelmed with novel astound
succumbed so buried beneath
this fetching garth o’er heath

her kirtle swelled free
towards a long-awaited flee
as to reach the barriers subtend
stood high and stiff to forfend

A new demesne she loved
under dreams this wall gloved
walked steadfast to a corner
uttering, “I’m not a loner!”

returned to her yard having solace and will power
adorning her crumpet with a gentle wall flower


4 thoughts on “The wall flower

  1. enjoying the double entendre in each line. the opening stanza could be a perfect response to andrew motion’s “regime change,” or the wooing of portia in shakespeare’s “merchant of venice.” my favorite stanza has to be, “her kirtle swelled free/towards a long-awaited flee/as to reach the barriers subtend/stood high and stiff to forstend.” the dual pollinatory and sexual imagery in these lines are brilliant. patience does pay.

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