On an uncharted peak,

behind the bars, stood I,

unlocked, yet unwilling to break free..

Time gave me knowledge certainly,

to not give in to grief,

but momentarily gave free rein

to a call to let in,

that stirs me to unease…

I arm myself against the cage,

my dwelling to where I had a stiff journey.

But the intense voice that begs from within

will wrench any soul…

Her plea to unforget,

sets the memory still before…

Is she worth locating?

for I fear depth than heights.

I have no courage

to feel what awaits below,

but it doesn’t mean I don’t.

So here I plunge off, cleaving the panic

unable to turn a deaf ear,

reaching out to her cry,

that showed from my profoundly ached spirit,

much that what I am

in this enshrouded self…

She’s not hiding,

rather suppressed, so often necessarily.

Won’t the concealed that clings to,

nothing splendid, nothing remarkable

deserve revelation?

She’s not quite legible but she exists

shrivelled, unwanted, hastened out of sight,

prompting myself to regret,

for severing ties with her,

for blowing back no answer till this day…

She would not have had much then.

Now I would seek her through

not for what I can take,

but for anything she holds out…

This could be the dawn of beginning or end,

beside life is impossible with no troubles at all…

And I cannot let them fold up my wings forever.

When all darkness dodges apart,

through my restless chase,

down almost amid the mist

sat my discreet self,

yearning to be unraveled…

Her voice evanesced ceding it to me,

for now I see how lustrous her eyes are

that splashed my face

a drizzle of remembrance.

Her gaze…

She sees not what I lay my eyes on

But what will be

And what befell…



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