The tale of the unbeknownst…

Help me to unfold it, this heart of mine,

the foaming waters that float all secrets and scars…

carving the tale of a wildest psyche,

where the debris of past,

engulfed in anguished pleas of whispering roars,

keeps the greatest pace from beneath…

To this doomed chorus,

soars the rampage of a storm,

that’s been awaiting to cripple your walls,

into a monstrous ruin…

While a subtle innermost fire after innumerable efforts,

triumphed o’er what’d become of all the grievance…

And now was quiet the begotten surge,

that alchemizes to become a perishable billow,

knocked out, washed away and yet not benumbed…

My intense eyes ardently look through

when this striving bruit passes by…

How could this swaying havoc be deciphered?

Perhaps in this unknown waters,

I shall know the unborn and regard the unfortunate…

And shall listen to the loudest silence of parted memories,

from you my dear heart – that at last

ransacks millions of tales yet to be unfolded…

~f. h.


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