A tribute to THEM…

I couldn’t get myself through the moment when I realised that they aren’t the same anymore. Although I  hardly made my mind up to accept this change, I still couldn’t endeavour the reality that they never changed. My humble heart fell through and it couldn’t take in the resemblance of what they were and what they are. I was at the helm of this misconception. It’s I who should be embarrassed for lacking knowledge to realise that they never did change and they were always the same.

But I do acknowledge them for what they have done for me. I’ve been doing everything right to earn what I have and they were never happy of that. I never expected anything in return for what I’ve got for me and for others. But I expected them to be with me in reaching my goal. Sometimes I wonder whether I have done a mistake by enabling their jealousy when my sole intent was to give them love and care. Eventually, I decided to change like everbody else does.

I started to change my impression about my ownself by regarding my constancy as the dawn of my new life. Hence, I changed to unchange myself. I now reckon their jealousy as a key to stand firm in who I  am and be true to myself. I’m certain that they wanted to cause something not trivial and indeed it is not.

I realized that the only way to detach myself from them completely is not only to move in the opposite direction but in my usual, conventional direction. However I don’t envy them but rather thank them for moulding me perfectly. I don’t feel cursed for my previous attachment with them. Rather I feel blessed to have them in my life. I wholeheartedly pay tribute to them for being a light that guided me reaching my milestones.

~f. h.


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